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Innovation in bulk, or media interseted in the Innovation book
Insourcing Innovation
Read the amazing new book that’s changing the way businesses generate new ideas, products and services!

Insourcing Innovation provides a truly groundbreaking, compelling framework for building innovation capability within an organization – quickly and profitably.

The basic premise:

  1. Most companies still outsource R&D or hire special experts in from the outside to come up with new ideas, products and services.
  2. The imperative to continuously innovate is dramatically on the rise.
  3. Innovation is not a core competency in most businesses, but should be.
  4. The act of innovation can be more systematic, predictable, reliable and controllable.
  5. A stricter standard needs to be applied to R&D and innovation ROI.
  6. There is no reason Business can’t drive innovation the same way it has driven operational improvement through Six Sigma, Lean and other methods.
  7. Innovation skills/tools can be learned and applied by many people inside an organization, not just by a handful of innately inventive people.

Insourcing Innovation tells you why so many companies are making innovation predictable, repeatable and reliable. Through a structured methodology called “TRIZ” (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), the advent of innovation can be as commonplace as the drive for continuous improvement.

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Innovation book
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